Going off camera to get on task
"Repressive forces don’t stop people expressing themselves but rather force them to express themselves." - Gilles Deleuze
What if everything we pursue is an unconscious diversion from the insurmountable problem of death?
Tracing back the origin of the phrase invites new perspectives on the concept.
Would Mowgli have a "purpose in life?"Thought experiment. Suppose you grew up as a feral child in the wild, marooned on some deserted island and raised by another species of benevole…
The power to push an agenda rests in the power to define the problem.
And the story of racism is everywhere.
To be a human being is to have a mind enmeshed in the zeitgeist of society and language, not transcendent of it.
Another perspective on the metaphor of the mountaintop.
Humans generate mountains of data as we describe ourselves to one another, but who are we when we are not describing ourselves?
Proposition: functionalism shaped ideas about simplicity and ideas about simplicity significantly informed the thinking of the functionalists.
In today’s revisionist history thought experiment: Vitruvius prefigures the “form versus function” debate.